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Creative Relief Holiday Sampler

RRP $13.99

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Creative Relief: Holiday Sampler contains ten seasonal and holiday images to color, including mandalas, symmetrical art, repeating patterns, and full-page art. Why wait for all of the Creative Relief holiday and seasonal coloring books to be released? This book is for sampling all the holiday ideas we have done or are planning to do. It's a little bit of every holiday or season to color! Holidays and seasons represented: St. Valentine's Day, Mardi Gras, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, Fourth of July, Summer at the beach, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Bring out your colored pencils, crayons, gel pens or markers and celebrate the seasons and holidays by coloring your year your way!

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Stressful stuff is everywhere.

Get relief - Creative Relief!

Creative Relief coloring books are for kids, grown-ups and anyone else in need of coloring therapy. Even if you aren't stressed and just need a little color in your life, Creative Relief coloring books offer a variety of designs and images to color, ranging from simple open patterns to intricate and puzzling coloring challenges.

Features you get in Creative Relief coloring books:

A matte-finish cover to reduce visibility of exterior scratches and greasy fingerprints. Coloring frequently involves snacking. No judging.

A low page count per book and a creased cover make it easier to open the book flat for coloring.

White interior paper to let the true hue of the colors you choose fill the page. Baby pink shouldn't look like baby puke.

60# interior paper weight, not traditional coloring book pulp/newspaper. This provides a stronger surface for crayons and colored pencils. However, some markers and paint may bleed through.

Single-sided pages no pictures on the back (and NEW- a blackened page back) means no damage to the next piece of art from bleed through. This also allows for art to be removed (for framing, making paper airplanes, lining the bird cage, whatever) without missing-out on the next art piece.

No double page layouts and space from the interior binding so the whole picture can easily be colored.

A blank testing page specifically for testing your coloring mediums and hues before applying. No more test slashes and dots on the page of your art!

A bleed through page to use with mediums like markers and paint that may bleed.

A Lady's Visit To The Gold Diggings Of Australia In 1852-53

RRP $49.99


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Melbourne Music Festival Concert Food Wine
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Melbourne Music Festival Concert Food Wine
Flea Market East Coast Holiday Australia Sydney

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